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How are my tax savings calculated?

For the tax year in question, subtract the property’s final assessed value (after the protest hearing) from its initial noticed value. Then, multiply the difference by the previous year’s total tax rate. The resulting number equals the amount of tax savings.

For example, if the initial assessed value is $125,000 and the final assessed value achieved by The Woodlands Property Tax Group is $100,000, and your tax rate is 2.5 percent, property taxes saved are $625.


How are fees billed?

If we reduce your taxes, the contingency fee (percentage of savings) is only applied to the protested year. We will file a protest each year on your behalf and send you a bill only if successful in reducing your property assessment for that year. 


I bought my home in a previous tax year and forgot to file a homestead exemption. Is it too late to claim a homestead exemption for the current tax year and obtain a refund?

You can still obtain a homestead exemption for 2020 provided the request is filed by Jan. 31, 2022 (1 year after the delinquency data for the taxes).


The appraisal district has inaccurate information regarding the size of my home. Can I get a refund for prior years?

It depends on the amount of the error. You can certainly correct it for the current year and you can likely correct it for the past four years.


I forgot to file a property tax protest by May 15. However, my property is assessed at twice its actual market value. Is there anything I can do?

Yes. You can file a substantial error correction appeal (2525d) provided it is filed by the tax delinquency date. This is typically Jan. 31 of the following year. 


Why have the appraisal districts become so much more aggressive in increasing property taxes during the last three to five years?

The Texas Comptroller has told many appraisal districts their values are substantially below market value and need to be increased. If the appraisal districts do not increase the values to a level acceptable to the Texas Comptroller, the school districts can lose a part of their school funding to the state due to Robin Hood school funding provisions.


I never received my notice of assessed value in the mail. Therefore, I did not protest. However, my assessed value increased sharply. Are there any options to appeal?

Yes. You can appeal under failure to receive notice, section 41.411 of the Texas Property Tax Code


I did not receive the notice for my property tax hearing. The appraisal district says they mailed it and there is nothing they can do. Do I have any recourse?

Yes. You can appeal under failure to receive notice, section 41.411 of the Texas Property Tax Code.